The art of laughter: first show at South London Gallery’s new Fire Station venue is comical

It’ll be a chuckle a moment in the debut presentation due to go on appear in the hotly anticipated new Fire Station annexe—the new augmentation to South London Gallery—one month from now. Thump Knock (22 September-18 November) addresses droll, satire and cartoon, highlighting craftsmen, for example, Sarah Lucas, Danielle Dean, Jayson Musson, Pilvi Takala and curve japester Maurizio Cattelan. Tom Friedman’s well known thwart guitarist—a sparkling and crinkled Jimi Hendrix-esque figure—comes back to SLG following its appearance at the display in 2004. Co-guardians Margot Heller, the display executive, and craftsman Ryan Gander plan to spread amiableness over SLG’s fundamental space and three stories of its new annexe over the street. A pointed articulation says: “during a period of much change and unease on the planet, Knock intends to raise a grin at an especially happy crossroads ever of SLG, yet additionally to investigate what influences us to chuckle in craftsmanship and why.” The Fire Station improvement, administered by London-based 6a planners, incorporates new display and training spaces, a craftsman’s studio and common kitchen. The building dates from 1867, and is the most punctual surviving case of a reason constructed fire station in London.