Hayward Gallery’s drag race—new exhibition in London tackles gender identity

Could there be a superior time for a show concentrated on Drag? In the age of the selfie and continuous discussions about sex personality, custodians at the Hayward Gallery bring the hundreds of years old convention into the 21st century with DRAG: Self-pictures and Body Politics (Heni Project Space; 22 August-14 October). The show will incorporate specialists who have utilized “drag as an aesthetic instrument to investigate or challenge assumptions of character, sex, class, legislative issues and race”, an announcement says. Self-representations by Pierre Molinier demonstrate the late French craftsman wearing covers, undergarments, tights and high foot rear areas, giving an investigation in suggestion and bisexuality. Different specialists highlighted incorporate Ulay, Ming Wong, Martha Wilson and VALIE EXPORT; the show will likewise incorporate works of art by the UK execution craftsman David Hoyle. Adam Christensen (adjust sense of self is Madam) will show another execution on the dispatch night, and there will likewise be three presentation visits driven by key figures from London’s drag scene.