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Heathrow Providing New Facilities to Chauffeurs

From next month, Private Hire Vehicles waiting to pick up Heathrow passengers will be offered parking in a dedicated, on-airport facility.

This new facility, operating initially on a trial basis, aims to prevent anti-social behaviour by Private Hire Vehicle drivers while they are in local roads waiting to be booked.

Private Hire Vehicles and Licenced Taxis operating on a pre-booked basis will pay per use of the Authorised Vehicle Area ("AVA"). Toilet and food facilities on site will allow Private Hire Vehicles to wait if they arrive early for a booking or until a booking is made.

Private Hire Vehicles will then proceed to the airport's short-stay car parking for pick-ups. Separately, Licensed Taxis will continue to use the Taxi feeder park where they can proceed to wait for passengers at Taxi ranks located in every terminal forecourt.

Heathrow has also been working with some Private Hire Operators to introduce geo-fencing in conjunction with the AVA, in order to ensure they only receive notifications for jobs at the airport if they are using the AVA. This is all good news for UK business chauffeur services.

Heathrow is working to improve how Private Hire Vehicle drivers serve passengers, including through a new code of conduct for Private Hire Operators and their drivers. The airport is working with local authorities, Transport for London, and the Metropolitan Police to enforce existing Heathrow Byelaws – including increased policing of forecourts and pick up of passengers.

Chris Joyce, Head of Surface Access at Heathrow said: "Heathrow is the UK's biggest airport and a major transport hub requiring the valuable services Licensed Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles offer our passengers. However, we also have responsibilities to our neighbours and find the reports of anti-social behaviour by Private Hire Vehicle drivers unacceptable. We are committed to being a better neighbour, and since being alerted by local residents, we have worked collaboratively with local authorities, residents, regulators, the London Assembly and the private hire industry to address this issue."

The new Authorised Vehicle Area for Private Hire Vehicles and Licensed Taxis operating on a pre-booked basis will be located on-airport, away from local roads.

Officials from Heathrow Airport will be attending and presenting information at the forthcoming LPHCA industry meeting on 2nd June in London. Members of the trade can register free-of-charge here.

Restoring a Classic Car Can Be a Great Hobby

Don't you just love looking at all of the restored classic cars that can be seen at vintage car shows around the nation? The old cars have been essentially brought back to life and if the owners did the restoration on their own, they have reason to be especially pleased. There's a significant difference between a car restoration and having an automobile simply rebuilt.

Someone rebuilding a vehicle will use any parts that do the job, whereas a genuinely restored car will include only parts that are totally original or as close as possible. If the car can be restored to the original state, it will be appreciably higher in value. Commencing to restore a car in this way is comparable to time-traveling back to when the car had just been built.

An accurately restored vintage car is a work of art that could be years in the making. All of the components, even those hidden, need to be the original parts, so it could take a while acquiring all these parts. Of course, if you find the whole process of restoration to difficult, there's always the option to rent a luxury car, such as a Lamborghini, for a day. Many people are doing just that.

renting a lamborghini
Renting a Lamborghini

The restoration process is lengthy and involves taking the car apart completely, and then cleaning all of the original parts and finding a replacement or effecting a repair where it's required, and then rebuilding it all. Usually the engine has to be rebuilt, but only if authentic parts are used will the vehicle retain its original worth. Extensive knowledge of cars is critical for someone who wishes to restore a vintage automobile. Experience of both mechanical and body work is necessary, without which you will not be able to restore an automobile to its original condition. You also need to be on top of any upholstery work needed because the interior of the automobile must be as new.

Obtaining originals in good condition to replace the seats of a 1955 Chevy that you're restoring is hopeless, but getting what you have recovered to match the original will not be. You won't get a very high price for a vintage car restored with replica parts because collectors require the vehicle being restored to its original condition. Original paint is an especially difficult thing to source, but nearly all parts will require a lot of looking. To compete in this sphere, you must have enough patience, a place for working, and cash for buying the parts. You could give a car a brand new life if you take it from the junkyard and repair it until it looks like new.

Because of the time and patience required, the restoration of vintage cars requires that you have a passion for the undertaking. If you are skilled in restoring cars, they can be sold for quite a return--if you are willing to part with them. It can be emotionally wrenching to let go after the demands of restoring a car. As a hobby though, you can profit from it on a financial level and emotionally.

Make Sure You Prep Your Car Before That Long Road Trip

Driving happens to be an American activity, and taking a road trip across the country is the desire of a lot of people. No matter if you would like to go on a journey by yourself, or with a friend or with your family, a long-distance road trip, could be in your future. Some people, when they're ready for a vacation, just get in their car and take off, planning on making memories on the way. However, for most of us, a bit of planning should go a long way to making the trip more enjoyable. Listed below are some suggestions to be all set for anything that could happen along the way.

lamborghini road trip
Lamborghini Road Trip

Do not let anything go wrong with your car in route, by having all of the maintenance up to date. Be sure your oil has been recently changed, and check your auto tires and battery. Plan your trip out so you don't have to worry about being lost or winding up somewhere you had no intention of visiting. Check ahead to ascertain if there's any road construction that could be a problem, and to see where you want to stop overnight. Have maps of the vicinity for the occasions you go away from the road sightseeing.

You will have a better probability of making good choices, when you know where you are going. And stay alert - most accidents are caused by inattentive drivers. As long as you remain focused behind the wheel and have done your planning, road trips can be wonderful experiences. As mentioned above, don't forget that the option to rent is out there.

Make sure you take a cell phone with you, but save it for emergencies or when you're not behind the wheel. Verify to make sure it is charged up and handy, but no chatting while driving. Phones contribute to accidents when being used in the car, but they are invaluable to have if you have car trouble. And make certain you buckle up - most states require this, but seat belts are a good idea regardless. Car thieves are usually on the look out for vacationers, so take precautions. Make sure you also have a tracking unit and a steering wheel lock, as well as fuel and ignition system locks - criminals hate these things.

In the event you get in an accident, take all appropriate steps to protect your passengers and yourself, and your car. Make certain your automobile is not blocking traffic, and turn it off, keeping it from overheating or catching on fire. Also be sure and strive to signal oncoming traffic and, finally, be sure and phone your insurance company on the spot. In case your insurance is not paid up and current, don't even leave home.

Make sure you've got all of your insurance information in the car, so you will know exactly what to do. You will never be prepared to be involved in a car accident, but you still need to be prepared.